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Let me begin by telling you about the various types of windows you may have in your home or business: 

A) Awning Windows - windows with either 2, 3, 4, or 6 large horizontal frames that open outward with a crank inside, mounted on left or right side.

B) Single Hung Windows - windows that have a lower frame that slides up or down to open and close, and an upper frame that doesn't move. Each half of the window has either 1 or 2 panes of glass in it. The locking mechanism is  mounted on the top or bottom of the lower frame in the center.

C) Jalousie Windows - windows that have long, narrow slats of glass that slip into aluminum brackets mounted on either side of the window that open outward with a small crank on the inside.  The most popular sizes of glass are 4" or 4 1/2" wide, but can vary in size. The jalousie glass slats can be clear or frosted, to give privacy.

D) Casement Windows - windows that have hinges on both the top and bottom of each vertical frame and are usually installed in pairs. A locking device in the middle must be unlocked prior to cranking them open. The cranks are mounted horizontally, just above the window sill and fit into a track under each frame. Usually the glass in these windows is divided into 2, 3, or 4 separate panes held in with putty on the outside. The frames can be made of steel or aluminum.

My specialty is in the area of mechanical repairs to windows. The following is a partial list of what I can repair for you:

 1) Windows not opening or closing properly, either due to a crank that is broken or from damage from a break-in.

 2) Windows not closing tightly, due to a mechanical problem or due to age.

 3) Windows in need of some periodic maintenance, maybe some lubrication or a little TLC.

 4) Single hung windows that fall down, due to broken window balances or plastic guides that don't align properly.

 5) Windows that don't lock properly.

 6) Window cranks that won't stay in place, due to screws that are stripped or aren't connected to the window properly.

 7) Awning windows where the bar across the bottom keeps popping out of place, due to a bad plastic bushing on the side or screws not holding.

 8) Single hung windows where the bottom frame seems to shake back and forth on windy days, due to worn out weatherstripping.

 9) Jalousie windows where the glass keeps falling out, due to either bent or worn out brackets on either side or rivets that have worn out.

10) Broken glass in most windows, either clear, frosted, or tinted.

11) Dried out or missing caulking around windows, either inside or outside.

12) Sliding screen doors A) rollers replaced, B) torn screening replaced, C) locks replaced, or D) complete door and frame replaced.

13) Hinged screen doors A) locks replaced, B) pneumatic door closers replaced, or C) torn screening replaced.

14) Shower door enclosures A) rollers replaced, B) caulking replaced, or C) complete door and frame replacement ( with or without old door removal.)

15) Screening replacement on a terrace or around a patio or pool enclosure. ( Provided no storm shutters mounted in front of frame around screening.)

I am NOT going to say I do every type of repair to every window. I will ask you a lot of questions about your repair in advance to make sure I can help you with your problem, as well as to not waste a lot of time for either of us. Based on the information I gather from our conversation, I usually can do on-the-spot repairs immediately without having to run out for parts, saving me time and you money as well.

If you ask, I will usually give you some kind of an estimate over the phone, based on the information you tell me in advance about what needs repairing. Obviously, once I arrive on the job I can do a more accurate assessment of what needs to be repaired and what the costs are. Estimates are really just that...an ESTIMATE of the materials needed and the time to do the job. Sometimes it takes a little longer, sometimes it takes less time...what appears to be a simple window crank not working and needing replacing can turn up another problem with the window once it is replaced. I always try to be fair with my customers, and treat them as I would like to be treated. If I find additional problems as I am working for you, I will let you know as I progress as to what the costs are. Surprises at the end of the job are not good for either of us.

Again, please give my company a try... I'll see to it that you are not disappointed.

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